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HELP!!! Emergency Alert! Soccer players are injured while playing football! Play a role of sports doctor to treat athletes with surgical & medical tools in sports injuries doctor game! Injured athletes need emergency doctor help! Become a pro er doctor in soccer doctor hospital game. Imagine yourself as the best er surgeon of doctor game! Perform your surgery squad doctor duty as a top soccer doctor, execute surgery and save your athletes!

Get ready to perform the mega heart surgery & wrist surgery in hospital’s emergency doctor game. Experience multi surgeries of soccer players in sports injuries doctor game! Being a sports injury surgery squad doctor, treat scars and blemishes to give treatment to soccer players in sports injuries doctor game. Perform nose surgery, brain surgery and many more surgeries to make players perfect as they were before! Injured patient need er surgeon sports doctor help! Use medical tools to clean wounds, cut skin open, repair organs and sew the skin back up! Perform er emergency surgery, use real doctor tools to treat your patients in sports injuries doctor game! Save the lives of your patients and wonder at how amazing the human body is! Begin your er emergency hospital game adventure now!

Enjoy the adventure of being sports doctor in this er doctor game! Tons of injured patients for er surgery are counting on you in hospital’s emergency! Being the best er surgery doctor, save multiple lives through doctor syringes and medical tools! Become an expert er surgeon doctor as you have to prudently perform virtual surgery on each player with care in sports injuries doctor game! It’s your chance to become a famous sports doctor in this doctor game!

Become a real sports doctor surgeon and perform multiple surgeries like a pro!

Sports injuries doctor games Features:

• Experience multiple challenging sports doctor surgery game levels!

• Realistic sports player’s surgeries in fun doctor hospital game

• Practice real virtual surgery game steps!

• Save lives by countless medical tools used by professional sports doctor!

• Attractive surgeon simulator gameplay and graphics in injuries doctor game

Let's face all challenges of surgery simulator er doctor game bravely. Download sports injuries doctor games and give us your feedback, so we can make more athlete injury surgery simulator er doctor game for you.

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